When a fresh graduate in any discipline is looking to a career option, the accounting institutes do not pitch for your attention. The CA institute and the Costing institute do not go to colleges or make any decent attempt to grab your attention. I know of one girl who was told ‘all the work done by CAs will soon be done by computers, so do not do CA’. Sadly it was a person who had a good hold on her…and she listened to him.

Now let us turn to what an MBA institute tells the kids….AND WHY THEY SHOULD NOT BELIEVE it at all:

1. YOU are very important in the world: this is a nice thing to believe, but in the outside world (called the job market) you are just one more MBA, CA, Engineer,…..and in the first job. The world does not consider you as the very important thing that your college told you you are. So if you have a professor who comes there and says ‘hey this degree just puts you a little ahead of the ordinary graduate, not miles ahead’, believe him. He is your best friend. He is telling you the TRUTH.

2. You are great because you have got into this college: Remember 3 idiots? Most colleges believe that because you are good enough to be ‘accepted’ in a good college, you are great. Wrong. Completely wrong. Writing an entrance exam and getting into a college is a very very different skill from the skill that an employer is looking for. In fact he may be wanting to get people who can work in teams – and your ‘competitive’ spirit may be an hindrance. Alas.

3. ‘We’ (and therefore YOU) are the best: A bad college actually throws up a lot of opportunities and a ‘branded’ college can sometimes STOP you from learning. However the powers that be will keep telling you ‘We are the best, and therefore by passing out from here, YOU will be the best’. This is true till your first job, because of the placement process. However the industry will soon do a valuation, and you will be valued according to your worth, not your college’s past worth.

4. MBA is a good investment: Sorry this is not a postulate. It completely depends on case to case.

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  1. dear sir
    i m too doing cs this make bit worry sir ,i keep thinking all day about the career in cs ,these days there is lot of competition in ca and cs field sir and if one does not get good score in these then he is worthless specially cs ,as i have seen many cs getting pay off just 10k month ,i wish if you can tell me some good tips to get best from cs
    thank you

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