It is amazing how people will not do simple things to make money! Start early, index your investments, do not interrupt the compounding process…..but will continue to do stupid things.

In 1600 it was tulips, in 2012 it was Social Media!

The fall in market capitalization of Groupon is about US $ 20 billion, and hey Facebook fall is US $ 34 billion….

By any stretch this is not small change. The market capitalization of ITC is about US $ 35 billion. Does this comparison show you the extent of the fall?

Who has lost money in the process? Yup Tom, Dick and Harry.

What worked? Media hype! ‘800 million people are on FB’. Fantastic, will somebody please, show me the cash flow please?

It is the next Google in the making. Great. Who made the tons of money in Google? the initial investors and funders.

When you are asked to invest, the HOLY GRAIL is simple “Boss, show me the cash”.

The stock exchange’s role has changed. It is no longer a place to ‘raise’ money. The market is now an end in itself. Market capitalisation, the spread, transactions, are FnO products available?….)

Who pays the price? Bali ka bakra.

So when there is an IPO, see why the company is going public. T C S was a good issue, Biocon did not add too much value to the investor. Coal India is running a -ve return for its dollar investors. NHPC is running a loss for all its investors!

Be godammn careful when you sign the cheque. It is your money, dammit….

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  1. Call it hype, herd mentality but the bottom line is still the same why do you need to invest ie for the company or yourself ?

  2. In this business world all are doing something with an expectation.Our need to become rich in any way with our hard earned money.So category of people choose equity stock market and they find something happens like buying and selling of shares.Why we need to go for Facebook or Google..In India we can take RNRL without a company they have collected nearly 30000 crore which is the highest ever IPO collection India till now. Its called as hypeeeeeeeeee……….

  3. Dear Subra I would add “Be paranoid about your money unless and until u r using it to help somebody in dire dire straits or somebody who is less abled than you” Thank you.

    “Every market (financial market/fish market/veg market/mall market/ur grocer market/garment market/any any market) is designed specifically for the CUSTOMER TO LOSE!!! In the earlier barter system days it wasnt like that at all. In todays Rupee payment market it is nothing but THAT!!!

  4. hello sir,

    in your article you mentioned about “index you investment”, i no have clue about it. Could you explain about it or if you have already done a article, kindly provide the link.

    i searched your site with keyword “index fund”, but couldn’t find any articles explaining about it in detail.

  5. I guess, he meant, compare the performance of your investment to that of the index.
    i.e. if u invested in a bank i.e. SBI, see how it is performing compared to a Bank Nifty
    ur entire portfolio compared to sensex/nifty returns.

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