No people do not ask me this question, they tell me. “I am sure you will agree…during such times one should sit on cash”. I almost wince.

I do know that oil is floundering, the US $ is rising. Yes there will be a Greek vote, yes the Euro is clueless. Japanese currency’s strength is hurting its exports, India is slowing down, China may crashland….Wow!

So, should you sell everything and invest in gold? Or to be even more safe should I sit on cash?

So, I ask ‘Why are you sitting on cash?’

They no longer know. Gold has been sideways for at least ONE year. Most people in the SIP mode in gold have NO clue about what rate of return they are getting on gold. They just half heartedly know that the markets are not doing too well, that is all.

I have seen scrips in my portfolio giving me 10% return in the current month. If I were to just sell off the shares I could wait for ONE year and then look for an opportunity. I bought last month, last week and this week.

Sure I do think that the probability of the markets coming down is equal to the probability of markets going up, but what the hell!

A Pricol at 15 – with a current yield of 3.5% could not have been a ‘risk’ right?

There are many such tales, and I hate saying anything on my blog which is specific to any stock – and I am actually happy that Pricol is already higher! 19!

Similarly I found some value picks – and at my size of portfolio I need only 1-3 companies in a year…so I am fine.

If you have a 10 year view, hey, put it in a large cap / value based fund…and you will live to tell the tale …to your children or grandchildren!

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  1. Pooja, while you have been a veteran on am sure you would have made the right financial decisions as well. However to get the best results, one should always challenge the thoughts rather than keep nodding or just buying shares whats mentioned on the site. I rather appreciate Sreedhar’s acumen of checking the figures of Pricol instead of blindly going and buying the stock and god forbid…if tomorrow the stock crashes- curse! I might still be a rookie with a decade in markets.

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