For those who do not know I have not changed my broker and doctor for the past 33 years – and it has helped. My doctor is a homeopath who believes in detailed questioning, some little diagnostics and almost zero medicines. He has kept me off medicines for the past almost 30 odd years, and has kept my body free of chemicals. I truly appreciate the contribution of my doc and my friend, philosopher, guide cum broker. Thanks.

The value of such friends is enhanced when you read articles like ‘One word that will keep you alive’ – which got me to write this got upwards of a 100,000 hits on yahoo finance and 16,600 hits on my blog.

One keeps wondering how much doctors (and relationship managers too!) complicate matters and do more of disease-scaring forcing people to buy drugs (and financial products) which people do not need. It also helps when the people think ‘let me take a protein supplement – just in case’ kind of a mentality.

Doctors over diagnose and Relationship Managers over analyze your portfolio. Doctors recommend treatment and drugs, RMs recommend ULIP.

As a person in the financial business, I am finding it more and more difficult to meet normal people. People read too much on the net and get so confused, it is not funny. Actually getting more and more half baked nonsense into their heads keeps them away from financial prosperity and good health.

Simplicity, sadly is obsolete. For some of us it feels like bringing back Leonardo Da Vinci who said ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.


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  1. Hi “SubraMoney”
    This article is useless. You may love your doc but based on some junk blog, you better not comment on doctors. it hurts when people like you post unthoughtful and unreasonable canards about doctors.
    Doctors are like gods. God forbid, if your father or mother will have heart attack or your son or daughter will have life threatening illness, you will run to a doctor and ask for the costliest treatment around.
    Stop thinking about money only. Remove money from your name as it makes you the foolest person around. Respect doctors as they are one of the few people who are helping the society.
    People like you in the garb of financial consultant and analyst are selling our economy. Stop being a ‘dalal’ and do something fruitful and add value to our economy. If everyone becomes dalal, who will work for the upliftment of Indian economy.

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