Will somebody explain the ONE day fluctuation of NAV by -7% followed by a +7% between 28th Feb to 29th Feb and 29th Feb to 1st March…

not mentioning the Fund house name…many of u tracking NAV closely may have seen it.

Beats me. In a Cap protection plan (i am assuming huge %age of debt, obviously) how can such a thing happen?

will the more educated readers please explain….


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  1. Hmm.. interesting… Just leaving a comment (with notification on) to track the response from ‘more educated readers’ 🙂

  2. Dear Subra, I’m not at all tracking NAVs on day to day basis but I’m also curious for this strange performance. If not the exact fund name, can you offer the AMC name, so that i may be able to pin point this extra ordinary performer. 🙂 🙂



  3. Is there a possibility of a scam here.. Buy low and sell high paying just the exit load.. Thinking loud…

  4. Hi Subra

    Just wondering whether the NAV movement is -7% and +7% absolute or annualized. I ask this bcoz debt funds show their returns in annualized terms. If it indeed is a case of 7% absolute change in NAV,it would be a curious case. Although I have a feeling I may be able to hazard a guess on the reason if I know the exact fund name. In case you dont want to put the fund name for public display, you can even mail it to me and I will try to decipher the reason.

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