as a writer, blogger, investment adviser, I have searched up and down for a ‘good’ retirement plan. I still do suggest the Templeton India Pension Plan…but at an age over 45 – till then I suggest only a token amount of say 5-10k a month.

here Babar Zaidi says something about creating your own plans. I am not a big advocate of index funds. As long Prashant Jain, Naren Sankaran, Suku, exist….

other than that I am mostly in agreement with this article..

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  1. The only caveat here is that balanced funds are 70% equity, so if one is equity heavy, with this one becomes equity – heavier.
    AND RE is out or minimalistic, for self consumption.
    So WHERE to park money? Post tax, post inflation, one has to earn something!

  2. This is a good article. Gives balanced views. Most articles in papers are heavily biased for either debt or equity. Retirees need all the advise they can get. It is not easy to get paid advise also as most advisers have their own interest in mind when they suggest some specific plan.

    Subra, I like your work, bringing these articles and your own to public attention.

    Where can I buy your book in Pune?


  3. Subra,

    In that article, someone also suggested to do portfolio re-balancing after 18-20 months. i.e. whichever asset excels(debt or equity) shift from one to another.
    one question here…If I am investing in good MF by SIP method for my retirement(which is 25 years away) do I have to really care about such re-balancing after 18-20 months..
    I understand that I need to shift from one fund to another if firstone do not perform well and that too for long time(2 years or more)

    please advice


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