If we have been brought up on financial myths – can food myths be far behind?

Well one of the myths is :

Cow’s milk is food good enough to make you strong

Cow’s milk gives you a lot of protein and calcium

Cow’s milk is food for the Gods and the Kings


Well do you see what the farmer feeds his cows? Badam or garbage? wastage from agri based industries, etc. And then antibiotics,….Omg..just read on:


so if you source your protein from cow milk or whey, think again….


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  1. Subra Sir,

    Of all the daily boring(effects of being a regular reader) and the same financial critic story you show, this article, thank God for a change on milk is really earth shattering and eye opening. Kudos!

  2. We no longer get ‘fresh milk’ which the article clearly says is Ok, PRovided, the cattle are fed properly – the old fashioned way as they did in villages.
    Another point untouched is that ALL diaries in their anxiety to increase yield use cross-breeds- especially Jersey cows, which itself is a hybrid of a Pig.
    When taunted about the benefits of milk, Indian researchers found out that traditional cows milk of PURE breed Indian cows provide all the benefits as listed in Ayurveda.
    Question is – WHERE do we find such cows?

  3. Hello Subra Sir,

    Same facts – to a great extent – are true about artificially ripened fruits and vegetables.

    Grains too are not free from the pesticides.

    On a different line but – humans started living on a diet of page three news (through talk shows, free supplements with ‘news’papers) and eat each other’s brains – but now I hear is full of poisonous thoughts.


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