Happy New year!

Typically all magazines, news papers….channels will happily do a column saying ‘Investment Resolutions for 2012’…make some noise. Readers will happily read it, and tell themselves …’arre this year I will stick to my resolutions’ and then promptly forget it.

Very easy for me also to do the same. Frankly I have to just do a find replace ‘2011’ by ‘2012’ and people will say…’Vow this is very good’….most will not read, and 90% of those who read will not follow.

So here is what I wish to do:

Ask you – ‘What the….did you do with your resolutions for the year ended 2011?’ and if he says ..’hmmm ummm…well er nothing’ – why should I write a new set of resolutions for him? just a waste of time, right?

So here is the link to ‘the resolutions of 2011’ …just click..and you will find them. Now whenever you read 2011, mentally replace the ‘2011’ by ‘ 2012…that is all.

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