Please remember the Indian Army has not been tested since 1971. We have no clue how well prepared it is to take on a war even by Bangladesh….

And our army cannot get its General’s date of birth right…

In Kashmir they ‘need’ to be there to keep it normal – does it sound like our ‘Long live Backward Classes’ slogan….One thinks that reservation are meant for up lifting the down trodden, right?

but this is how BSF looks after our borders…a country which was outraged (of course it was a publicity stunt by all the paid participants) when ‘Mr. Khan’ was made to wait for an extra 10 minutes in the American airport….

if you feel outraged please ask MM Singh to at least apologise. The first step for a fall is arrogance….- and we have been arrogant enough too long. Of course our PC is not arrogant – he is far beyond that.



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  1. First no justification for torture. But Kafila and its leftist associates Human rights watch, NDTV and Hindu – my natural instinct is another episode being used as a stick to beat the armed forces.
    Take look at this link to understand the background :
    It is Bangladesh Rifles which routinely use torture. Thus far the border was used for smuggling Bangladeshis (just to go to Reay Road to see how many there are) into Bengal, give false I cards and use as a vote bank by the commies. Now that they dont run the state and the ‘protective’ chain of command is broken we have these stories coming up. If BSF gets tortured and killed its fine. The other way round is “condemnable”. Let us be equally critical of ALL torture.
    Try watching a movie called Tango Charlie (Ajay Devgun, Bobby Deol) – one of the best movies to capture both the bravery and bestiality of being in the armed forces, usually more of the former though.

  2. Hi Subra,

    I absolutely agree that the guilty in this case must be punished and India must apologize. However, to tarnish the entire “armed forces” because of a few rouge elements in BSF (BSF by the way is not the “Army”) is not correct. I have family in the army and I personally know what they go through.

    Also sites like “Kafila” and other “neo”-liberals will happily flog the army – why not? they belong to an entire section of the of leftist organization who more or less welcomed China’s attempt to “liberalize” India back in 1962.

  3. Dear Suresh, these fools can never understand this, becoz by sitting in a/c rooms no one can feel the miseries of army and BSF who are guarding our borders even in -25 degree cel and facing bullets. We are proud of our soldiers and salute their bravery. God bless them.

  4. Please remember the Indian Army has not been tested since 1971. We have no clue how well prepared it is to take on a war even by Bangladesh….

    What was Kargil Sir? A simple walk through between the hills …

  5. “Please remember the Indian Army has not been tested since 1971. We have no clue how well prepared it is to take on a war even by Bangladesh….”

    Ha. And the Bangladesh Army is tested every month. Is it?

    Maybe you did not hear of the exercise Sudarshan Shakti staged in Rajasthan recently or the joint Naval and Air exercise with friendly nations.

    That is how most professional armies train and prepare for war.

    On the rest I concur with Suresh (@#1) except for the reference to the movie. I haven’t seen Tango Charlie and I refuse to believe an Indian movie can depict the armed forces in a balanced manner. That too a movie starring Bobby D… 🙂

  6. “More Indian soldiers must have died due to poor infra provided by the government – ice scooters, warm clothes, etc. than by army bullets”. This statement was true of the 1962 War against China as well as the Kargil war.

    Being prepared for the war – was done by FM Sam Manekshaw (late) – whose funeral went UNATTENDED by the Defence Minister, and the 3 Chiefs.

    Sorry no more political bitching about the army….a lot of it is there in the public domain already…

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