Swami Vivekananda was perhaps one of the clearest thinkers in the past 200 years. He said ‘take responsibility for your actions’. We all know it, but do not always take responsibility for our current affairs….no clue why.

I met a dietician friend who said ‘people are what they eat’ and most fat people are fat because of :

a) poor food choices and b) lack of portion control! So true.

The government is anyway a slave of the food processing industry (which actually seems to be the backward integration of the pharma industry!!). This allows the food processing industry to pick up simple things like potatoes and make them into poisons like chips! Then they price it at Rs. 5 ….and make sure that it is a great product at the BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID…!!

It is the government’s job to create better labeling, pricing, where it can be sold, warnings, etc.

Well, well, in a country where you would require a RTI to get your own records, this is a dream.

However Denmark which is worried about heart attacks, obesity, diabetes among children,¬† saturated fats, tobacco usage, alcohol, sugars, blood pressure and other life style related diseases, it is taking some steps….We , in India of course will NOT till¬† Mahatma Anna Hazare does something!

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  1. another similar example is the US (I read in a medical article sometime back) who has instructed all the restaurants to decrease the salt usage by 10% per year so that the whole country consumes less of salt

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