When we say Narendra Modi…people talk of riots. Those who want to talk about the riots can go to the Ndtv blog…here is an out and out sales talk…NM’s interview…


no comments..but the numbers are speaking loud are they not?




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  1. hi subra, there is a cottage industry developed thriving on modi bashing. They totally seem to forget that in order to move forward India needs to follow some of the steps taken by NaMo . Let the guilty be punished, but dont sack wonderful developmental workable ideas. Hope other states save millions of people by adapting NaMos model.

  2. Subrabhai, first the disclaimer–am not pro-Modi.

    But this man has taken a state with not great rain, not great soil,horrible temperature swings (5 degrees to 50 degrees is not uncommon), a state that had broken economically post the textile mills shutdown- and he made it work. When I see the kind of water, the kind of soil quality the konkan belt has, I’m envious.

    By all means chase and hang the guilty. But credit where it is due.

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