There are at least 10-15 doctors who read my blog…many comment, many do not. Here is a comment from one of the doctors…since it was long, I decided to put it as a separate post…Actually it reflects my view..but I guess this doc is younger than me 🙂


Your article is a pet topic of mine. Just some points that I have gathered.

Nowadays we have moved away from infectious diseases to lifestyle diseases. And where doctors used to say, ‘ eat what you want’ has come to a full circle to ‘ you are what you eat.”. A lot has changed. The way we work, sedantary occupations have increased and physical activity has decreased. But we still continue to consume the same if not more food due to its increased availability and ease of use.

But not all is fine. Lifestyle diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. Consumption of increased calories has been implicated in fatty liver, and there is a hypothesis implicating additives consumption to diabetes. Further research is warranted and is underway.
But rather than beinng guniea pigs and wait for the research results, which may take some  years, we would do good to start now. And we can start by using our common sense. Eat foods as close to natural state as possible.

A trip to the supermarket, and be careful to read the fine print. Most of the packaged foods have refined sugar, flour etc. refined meaning that the plant has been stripped to its bare minimum bereft of any nutrients leaving a gooey mass of calories. And they are filled with flavour enhancers and additives the E numbers. These are like drugs added to foods making us come back for more. I don’t think you would feel the same while eating a fruit…

And though the foods are labelled as “sugar free” they still may contain high fructose corn syrup as seen in may soft drinks, or sorbitol, or worse artificial sweeteners. Have you ever wondered why despite availability of food in plenty, we
do not get enough nutrition that we require supplements ( nutraceuticals is an article in itself) One thing which has become a scapegoat is FATS. Fats form an important part of our daily food . It is essential for our nervous system and
immunity. It gives us satiety. Reduces the glycemic index of the foods that we eat. AND our body can produce only certain fatty acids. Others have to be supplemented by our diets. And by fats it is healthy fats like nuts.
The worst culprit is trans fat or in other words hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is implicated in heart blocks.

There may be arguments like I have always eaten this way but I am still fine. How much assault will our body be able to handle everyday. Each our bodies is made differently. Some may be able to tolerate better than others before the symptoms become manifest. Did you know that by the time you are detected with diabetes <50% of your pancreas
is functional?

So why wait till you fall sick.

Start now. Eat healthy as you are what you eat.

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  1. Really a worth advice from a worthy doctor! Eat foods as close to natural state as possible. And by fats it is healthy fats like nuts.

  2. @ anon But surely not more than 2 teaspoons per day. As increased usage in people with high cholesterol increases chance of heart disease.

  3. guys do not use your brains too much – just go and copy your parents or grandparents (depending on your age). My dad at 83 and Mom at half a teaspoon of ghee, sweets, fried stuff – but obviously in moderation…and spend about Rs. 1500 PER ANNUM on medicines. Just copy paste from people who are that age, do some exercise and chill. LOL

  4. Subra,

    So agree with you. My grand Mom who is 78 is as fit as a horse and eats like one too! There is nothing she does not eat. But of course as always – in moderation and she does not eat between meals.

    But of course, you parents will surely give her a good run for her money! 🙂 1500/yr on medicines!!!!!

  5. doctors does not need to save for future…they can make money by looting and mis-using their profession…gone are the days when doctor was consider as god’s avtar…now they are “shaitaan”s avtar

  6. gone are the days when doctor where considered to be avtar of God…but today they are avtar of “Shaitaan”…indeed!

  7. The ‘stereotypical’ generation differences.

    They have been played out since the infinite past, and will play out far into the future, irrespective of culture, creed or ethnicity (only the ‘bones’ of contention will differ)

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