Once in a while you think back in life and like the Englishman says “One day if you can look back and laugh…it could not have been that bad after all”

These are not about the troubles I have gone through. God knew (knows) I am perfectly not capable of handling problems, so does not give me any. Like they say God tests those whom he loves…..

This post is about the girls I knew / know and some of their lives…

Of course most of the girls that I knew from school, college, place of stay,…etc. would have gone through a normal life….but some have not.

Some of the girls have gone through a love marriage – an euphemism in retrospect.

Girls who married young and wrong. Girls who lost their parents and were subject to mental, financial and physical abuse. Girls who married young, wrong and went through abuse. Girls who went through abuse, came out of it stronger and are living a nice life again. Girls whose step parent abused her, but was supported by a friend to stand up and come out of it.

Girls who married right, fell ill and their beloved husbands gave up a lot to help them come back to normalcy.

Girls who told me about the abuse when it happened, and girls who were too embarrassed to tell the world what happened. One girl who spoke to me last week and brought tears to my eyes because of the flash back of what she had gone through. Girls who have gone through physical abuse, mental abuse and financial abuse. What I mean is a guy who blows away all his earnings on friends and gives NO MONEY AT HOME for food / kids school fees.

Girls who shrieked ‘Sir …here is your son-in-law’ to a girl who said ‘I wish you were my real father…I lost him when I was still in primary school’

To girls who tweeted…Sir aap nana ban gaye….’Y’ got a daughter. To a girl who got her kid to me and told the 18 month old..’Here this is your grandfather’ LOL.

To the girl whose mother said “did you know she calls you Bombay wala papa” or to the 22 year old who came panting to say “that leech of a prospective client..mad a pass at me” or …..thanks…

To the girls who could share things with me…but not with anybody else…thanks

And of course to girls who said ‘You must be a cool dad’  to which my daughter said..’Please tell her, I am the judge, not she’

and of course to my daughter who gave me a card on Father’s Day…and said ‘your dear daughter Mridula’…and I said ‘why did you have to write your name?’ she said ..”because I know you have other daughters, but they may not have given you a card’..

To 2 of those girls who were telling about their marriage being finished. The amount of laughter – I had gone hoping to see some crying girl..who needed a shoulder. Turned out that they were in a far better shape than I WAS !! brave girls.

Brave parents too who tell their daughters “Go get married…but if there is a problem..walk out…we are still not dead…we will support your decision..it is your life’

i have not mentioned names for obvious reasons, nor is this that I wish to say this is a note for women’s day or some such day…just a mushy mushy post, I am not sure whether I have done anything like this on this blog of mine…not even sure whether I should..

will do a story on the boys too…but that is not mushy..




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  1. no words subra,

    have been jealous of v v few people in life as I keep expectations low

    THe roles you played are the ones I aspire for …

  2. Subra,

    Testament to your success as a human being. Amazing that people trust you enough to share their deepest experiences. Even more amazing that you are so open about your thoughts and feelings! Something for all of us to aspire too.

    M is really lucky to have you as a father.

  3. God Bless Mrudula,Other Daughters who rely on him .In todays world where Genuine Lamp Post of Guidance for a ship which lost its way in a Vast Sea are so Rare .I am sure this is almighties way of Helping Innocent People and Almighty selected our beloved Subra Sir for it.YES LAMP POST HAS TO BE GENUINE AND ACCURATE..FOR THAT IS THE LAST HOPE OF SAILORS AND SHIP.GOD BLESS SUBRAS FAMILY AS WELL

  4. There is no greater joy than helping out someone in their most troubled times and the greatest thing you may achieve in life is someones trust which make them come to you in those times. May God bless all those. Your money will go, your health will vanish… but there prayers will never.

    Recently one social activist was sharing her experience / her best experiance in her whole life so far. she happened to meet a lonely lady with some skin problem , mother of 5 in her 80’s spent some time shared her emotions and finally while saying good bye she just went up to her and touched her hand… The old lady started crying and when asked just told “it was more than 5 years back that some human had touched her, and its warmth made her feel like heaven”. What to say – That touch was more valuable for her than anything else in the whole world and she did see God in the one who did that…

    Hope we all will make others see God in you in some way. May God bless us all for the same.

  5. Shyam,

    Good post.

    In the current times , the humane element is missing in the relationship. The generation has been selfish to the core. The receent Grandson killing Grandmother, long time friend & niegbour killing for Rs.50 are all tell tale signs of state of society.

    Keep your good support role on , God bless.

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