I am not saying whether there is a slowdown or not. Nor am I saying whether this author is right or wrong.

Read the article…please translate the %ages to numbers, compare it to the past, and tell me whether the headlines and the body are in consonance. If not, tell me. If yes, tell me…..thanks



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  1. Dear Subra, I ‘ll use the word from your vocabulary “Financial Porn”. This article is clear case of Fin. Porn. For the period, April to August – collection of Direct as well as Indirect taxes is high yet economy is slowing down for the fact that – indirect tax collection for the sake of article was considered from June to August period.

    For your direct question – No the head line & body of the article are not in consonance.



  2. the article may be deficient,but the idea that there is no slowdown is difficult to digest.if you are selling automobiles,it is already hitting your bonuses.

  3. I wish every time newspapers publish stats for govt departments they also publish comparative cost for salaries and admin as a percentage of taxes collected and expenditures made.

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