1. Subra
    Well said..
    Most of the kids going to medical colleges are usually from middle-class backgrounds. They have absolutely no knowledge about finance or money management.

    Moreover, I feel that the current pattern of medical education is totally screwed. Earlier they used to have English and Ethics classes to at least to orient a kid fresh out of school in to college life.

    But now, they have to write an exam in 1 year of 3 major subjects Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. The first class in my medical college was not Ethics or the duties and responsibilities of being a doctor, but on something called G-Proteins by a physiology professor.There was/is no orientation for us doctors, let alone financial education. I guess we have to learn it on our own. Bless the internet!

  2. this reminds me my college friend(a science student)’s llb father (not necessarily doing practice at the time) was used to say his son that that one must do law in addition to any discipline , as law touches every day life. as i remember , we got one subject on business in last year of 3 yr. degree engineering , and some primary lessons of accounts were incuded.

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