As soon as a bomb goes off…you hear the same news and views. We have 33 channels and one you see the same faces and the same dialogues.

People who deal with the police forces realise that the police force is nowhere near competent to solve the attacks. Forget stopping the new ones – a far, far more difficult task. The Centre has to set up a blueprint of police reforms – from recruiting and training and ask ALL the states to do it IMMEDIATELY. Money spent on this is likely to be far better than creating an alphabet soup of new organisations to tackle terrorism…

The Hindu has similar ideas…read on


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  1. Till such time can we have the army running road blocks and ‘nakabandis’. The police is compromised simply because it is easy to get to the top echelons and subvert any investigation.
    Also needs national IDs with far stricter norms than current UID. already there are cases of people having UID but name and actual person not matching.
    Finally no short cut to good community policing, hence there must be a concept of community police such that local beat police know who is coming and going at the community level.
    And as Rudy Giuliani did can we get rid of the pick pockets, scam artists and local thugs – these are the dons of the future. What was that about a local tapori becoming a cabinet minister in Maharashtra? If the tapori had been eliminated early on….

  2. if the police did some real street level intel instead of chasing lovers at bandra bandstand or ‘busting’ rave parties or harassing bar owners. local policing rather than draconian UID/Nat ids are what we ID will ever prevent a killer bent on havoc

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