Many people keep asking me for a list of books to read – books on investing. I had put together a list and I do keep making some changes in them…so instead of making a list again I have put the link to the same article.

Books are easy to buy – and difficult to read. If you pick up a book, you should know what to expect from that book. In case you do not know, do not read that book!

I know one student of mine who maintains a notebook to summarise the understanding from that book. Some people have the ability to do the whole process mentally. As an accountant, I prefer that you write down what you think of that book. As you get older and wiser books like ‘Random Walk Down Wall Street’ sound so much better. Phillip Fisher may sound outdated to today’s generation, but Ken fisher does owe his early years to his dad!

I do not expect all of you to read all the books mentioned here…but as you get older (compulsory)  and wiser (optional) you realise that market returns is not as much about markets, but more about YOURSELF.

Work, bringing up children, eating food, investing money, exercising….may all look different, but at the base they are all common sense. All the great authors tell you this.

Like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch say investing is a below 120 IQ activity. Learn to listen to your stomach, as much as your brain.



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  1. You may consider including “The most important thing- Uncommon sense for the thoughtful investor” by Howard Marks. Buffett has called this book a rarity. Joel Greenblatt has mentioned this as an investment classic. People like Jermy Grantham, John C.Bogle and Seth Klarman has also praised this book.

    I came to know about this book from Sankaran Naren when I got the opportunity to interact with him recently. Immediately purchased and completed reading it too.

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