1. Subra sir, now I am buying niftybees (actually sipping) without complicating stuff! Similarly, without trying to time markets I am also buying wherever I can see value (likes of Voltas seem very cheap to me). Time will tell whether my calls were right 🙂

  2. Well said Subra sir. People think Market is easy way to make money but Instead, its easy way to lose money and Smart way to make money. Patience always pays.

  3. “Profit is the difference between perception and reality” – anonymous. Is perception too different from the reality now?

    “The stock market requires great conviction, as surely as it victimises the unconvinced,” – Peter Lynch. No amount of goading is going to help somebody succeed in the market. The conviction has to come from within.

  4. In 2008,I remember being as nervous as driving on saki naka road at peak time. But gritted teeth and kept going.

    Likewise this time too. Only thing is I made some lumpsum inv into the big 2 MF right on the day the world ended, so I guess this is another kind of guts. Or foolhardiness.

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