Somebody asked me…’Why cannot you be more sympathetic towards the media?’

Why indeed?

When I heard about the Norway bombing I also ASSUMED it was ‘islamic terrorism’

well it was not.

When I interacted with the police, I realised that not all terror attacks are by islamic terrorists. I realised that there are people who will create terror attacks as a method of protesting against islamic terrorism. However it still kills. Such idiots need to be punished of course, but also the media should know how to deal with such jerks.

Why was Norway attacked? Because it was easy to attack Norway. Not UK or US…more difficult targets…therefore …Norway. I hope the insurance rates and mortgage rates do not go up in Norway…sounds crazy does it not?

The amazing certainty with which the media said it was ‘Islamic terrorism’ scared me. Read on:

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  1. Subra, Any terrorist, be an islamic or anybody else, needs to be punished. But for some reason, people generalize it to Islamic or muslims, that’s wrong. I have more respect for you because you are not one among that lot who generalizes. Media is one of the culprits among others. There is no independent media today, it’s a sad fact.

  2. Agree with Pravin with one proviso. What to do with a mentally retarded child who has a fully loaded revolver and is randomly shooting off?
    Mad dogs and media deserve the same fate – whats the ‘humane’ way to eliminate their fingers/vocal chords?

  3. but why should media be “independent”?.we all have our ideologies and belief systems.isnt it unfair to expect reporters and journalists not to inject their personal beliefs into news? why hold them to a different (not necessarily higher) standard?

    everyone knows that the ndtv for example is leftist leaning and that fox news in the usa is a neconservative bastion -but why expect them to provide bland news?
    prejudice exists in the world and it tells us that while life isnt fair for those who are “victims” of prejudice,that is how things will be as long as we are human beings

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