We have a general police force which is expected to tackle terrorism. To me this is a joke. A cruel joke at that.

First of all the police is expected to tackle traffic, general law and order, VIP bandobast, runaway marriages….well it is like a joke. Then there is political interference to deal with.

Let us take the case of terrorism. The police who deal with terrorism need special training. This is because they need to know how to handle drugs, explosives, electronic equipment, computers, mobiles, pdas, banking, – the list is almost endless.

For doing all this they should create an ATS – with its own college. A few of the top IPS officers should be trained here. Say Government of Maharashtra decides that 10,000 officers should be trained in all these aspects. There should be batches of 200 who are trained at a time in 4 classrooms. Each person should have a laptop, a good PDA, personally so that the training can start from some basic level. These officers should be willing to learn and there should be a regular continuing education program.

People who teach should be drawn from a world class faculty in forensics, bio warfare, international law, criminal law, cyber law, apart from the subjects like technology, bio warfare, etc.

Fairly obviously these people should be trained very well and far more importantly paid much, much better. It is so sad to meet honest police officers who have no budget to buy tea for people who visit them. If I am sitting in front of a senior police officer, he calls for tea – and adds ‘I will pay’. Then as soon as the tea comes, he pays for it from his pocket. Sad.

If you see the limitations and handicaps with which they work, you will take your hats off to the honest officers (believe me, there are many). It is surprising that so many cases even get solved. Many police men will not know how to remove the hard disk while taking evidence. Many will not know that the disk should not be kept near a magnet. Many will not know that a smart cyber lawyer can destroy all their arguments….OMG I can go on.

Do I look like a trainer who is looking for business?

Well, well, even for that the policemen have no budget.

If you have not been killed in a terrorist attack, it is the sheer mathematics game. The probability of being killed in a road accident is far, far higher than being killed in a terrorist attack. It is not good policing that has caused it. The honest policeman has too many problems to handle – both official and personal. The dishonest police official could not care!


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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    All these things cost money..

    Currently, our Socialist government spends ( wastes! ) thousands of crores of rupees on things like (mostly ineffective) public education, including “investor education- I kid you not!, public hospitals, where a poor patient gets the worst possible care, ” poverty alleviation” – mostly ” dig-the-ditch-and-fill-it-up” schemes like NREGA, ration shops, “Catch-the-rats” department in New Delhi which has not caught a single rat, and thousands of ways in which our precious tax money is being wasted.
    The private sector can provide education, health and rat-catching in a much more efficient way and with much less cost, but NO, we need Socialism at any cost, never mind if our people go through grinding poverty and our armed forces are underpaid and under-equipped. Ideology is more important for our Socialists than human lives.( Of course no sane private company will do a ” dig-the-ditch-and-fill-it-up” job, but for Socialists this is a very important work, indeed! )

    Now, a government’s ONLY job is to basically KEEP THE PEACE, meaning external & internal security and dispute resolution, namely law courts. Our Socialist government has its fingers in so many pies that it cannot concentrate on the things that it really needs to concentrate, like national defense. This is the root cause of the poor state of our national security.

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