I am no fan of BJP. I was and am anti Indira Gandhi’s Congress (original spelling of Feroze was Gandhy) – and in 1977 as a school kid rooted for Janata Party. I hate the way they do not want the Lok Ayukta in Karnataka, but claim that they want the Lokpal at the Centre. Simple double talk. However …..

….. in the current economic scenario I do think the best 2 Chief Ministers are Narendra Modi of Gujarat and Nitesh Kumar of Bihar. Of course the best thing to see in economic stories is the amount of money that both are creating in the economy.

Here is a small article in The Economist …about Gujarat being India’s Guangdong….read on…


Unfortunately the comments have gone a little haywire about Indian history – and are not very relevant to this article, but they are interesting.

As an Indian and as a human being you do feel numbed when you recollect the Gujarat riots – still nothing compared to the Sikh massacre by the Rajiv cronies……..

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  1. Just one Narendra Modi has changed the face of Gujarat. Gujarat is India’s future as much as Maharashtra was its past.
    David Frawley (one of the comments posted) is a great Vedic scholar. Dont know about the provenance of the others.

  2. With most of the Chief Ministers focussed on how much moolah they can take in in their term, it is not dificult to see why Modi and Nitish Kumar stand out.

    It is a pity that we do not have competent people in politics.

  3. So, our choice is now between religious fanaticism + economic growth or non-religious + economic stagnation… Can we please have non-religious + economic growth!
    (By non- religious I mean no mixing of religion with politics, not against private piety)

  4. Hi

    As a resident of Ahmedabad since 1983 i can say that yes what happened in Gujarat in Feb 2002 was not right! However, i have witnessed far more heinous stuff perpetrated in the past. One thing which stands out is that since 2002 there have been no incident, touch wood, and the incident has been pushed back by all, except for the media and the modi bashers who bring them to the fore! The same fervour is not shown to the kashmiri pandits and the 57 soul which perished in the Godhra train! If you had seen NDTV on Feb 27, 2002 Rajdeep sardesai was shamelessly howling with his usual frenzy, stoking up the communal flames with patching up the news with the burning footage from the 1970s movie burning train! In fact the emotional feelings were stoked by the media and their unfettered jingoism in the name of news as it happens!

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