I have said a lot about Ayn Rand…and here is more.

The publishing industry publishes what sells. It need not be good, moral, correct, intelligent,….but people should buy. If they read and buy more, even better. If they can get one company to buy 100,000 copies to be given away free, they actually do not care whether it is read.

This is fairly obvious. Many people buy a tennis shoes with no intention of ever playing tennis….

Here are the views of the publisher of Ayn Rand’s books…..


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  1. Ayn Rand taught that reason is a virtue.. She said that reason is the most important skill that we humans possess, for survival on this earth..This was the crux of her philosophy. I don’t understand what’s wrong with that?

  2. uhmm.if you read the article it is chockblock with ad hominems and strawmen about virtue .as if the alinskys and other lefties were any better.
    btw,publishing is a doomed business ,thanks to the internet.more and more writers are discovering self publishing.
    as far as John Rawls (and the indian equivalent -amartya sen),their idea of fairness is robbing peter to pay paul -hidden in vague mathematical symbols.economists must be the most dishonest of all academicians .there has been no real new economic insight since over a 100 years now.

  3. too much focus on the here and now and no concept about the hereafter, i.e no holistic view. But within this narrow western perspective, an Ayn Rand is any day far superior to the arrant sophistry of an Amartya Sen. Poverty Porn was never so popular. And hand wringing never produced such bountiful tenures in government.
    Net result – people always look up to mai-baap sarkar and not by their own effort.Of course the less said about publishers the better.

  4. I have started reading Fountainhead couple of weeks ago. I am very impressed by the book. I went to the link given in Subra’s blog to enjoy a nice contrarian view. However in the link I did not find much.

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