Yesterday a few people were screaming on Times Now….volume was down – I was watching cricket – so just saw a glimpse. I recognised Kiran Bedi..none of the others.

It looks like Indians are losing patience with the government – and the government is not bothered. Be it the arrogance of Kapi Sibal, Pranab Mukherjee, the impotence of Sardar MMS, ‘I am the queen’ attitude of Sonia Gandhi – and an assumption that their family is born to rule… shocking. Far more shocking is the way we have taken it!

Here is an article – if you replaced the word China with the word India…it would still read the same…

so read on

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  1. congress ke din bhar gaye hai…nothing else…
    when the ending time comes for an evil he does all those non-sense statements, behavior which helps himself in his destruction
    congress is on the same track…
    India ka time change honewala hai guru….!
    bhagwaan ki laathi ki awaz nahi hoti…

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