J Dey was a journalist – and I believe he studied in Fatima High School, Vidyavihar, my alma mater too!

While switching channels between Discovery and Music India..i happened to hit a news channel. They announced that the Mumbai Police has cracked the case, Chotta Rajan’s henchmen killed J Dey and the sharp shooters have been arrested from various parts of the country.

As usual they had got somebody from the police and one more person (did not pay attention)..and the very famous anchor said ‘You have said that Chotta Rajan was involved and he paid Rs 5 lakhs for the murder..but did not tell us who engaged Chotta Rajan’.

Mr. Police what are you hiding from us? (in what is now established as the sickeningly shrill anchor voice..).

Amazing..does the media expect the investigation to go on in broad media glare? Or do they expect C Rajan to show them a contract signed for Rs. 20 lakhs with 3 witnesses, signed on a stamp paper deal. Surely if they do that media is likely to do a story on how it is inadequately stamped!!

So happy with my decision to watch Discovery, Music India, BBC entertainment, animal planet, and national geographic! Whale wars are better than the shrill screaming noise channels…who think that the country should be run out of the studios (P Chidambaram’s words, not mine!)…


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  1. HI,

    Nowadays news channels and newspapers, both have all the corruption and murder news. Where is the mistake? I feel so many crimes happening now.


  2. hey Krishna

    there are channels, and channels right?

    Choose to watch Discovery, BBC entertainment, Pogo, Cartoon Network, Cricket (India centric matches), …I do not see any crimes happening in these channels.

    The world is the same you see what you choose. To me lions, tigers, elephants are the beautiful people – some people call them animals. (this is not original, there was a movie called Beautiful People – a movie about animals)!!

  3. Its almost 6months since I’ve stopped watching News channels, the only source of news is Hindu Daily & ET(selective articles). Frankly never knew life could be so calm. Started exploring many online articles & read many more worthy articles.

    If its really important news I would surely hear about it from my news nervous friends.

  4. Yes. Of course. I did mistake of reading lot of political news and had hope on politicians one day they will realize and do good things for the country. Unnecessary frustration for me. Lets stop those things and better spend time on other things.

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