Watch, listen, and learn. You cannot know it all yourself. Anyone who thinks that they do, is destined for mediocrity.

Donald John Trump.

Obviously Donald Trump has said this with respect to life. This is amazingly true for markets. Ken Fisher calls it the TGH – the great humiliator. The minute you think you understand markets, it slaps you, real hard.

So keep your ego at home, learn from every organism in the market. Sanjeev is a good friend and a great trader – i have seen him worry about a transaction of 50 shares to go to comfortable deals of 200,000 shares. In an interview to Times of India while speaking to Gaurav Pai, he has said “the volatility in the market has kept me out”. That is humility. Do not go against the market – it is like spitting against the wind.

Learn, learn, keep learning – the market knows much more than many of us do.

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  1. There have been winners and there have been losers, life is full of them.

    The stock market is no different a place.

    Which trade turns into a landmine and explodes into your face one can never know.

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