We all need our fix. Cricket is a big fix (no pun intended!) and IPL is a great way of making money for everybody. Including the poor artist Sachin Tendulkar who obviously will claim 80 RR benefits as long as he can get it.

Of course the powers that be decide that CSK should reach the final, so BCCI decides which pitch is to be used. When Shane Warne questions Mr. Dixit, it is inconvenient. Mr. dixit will be remembered by all as the guy who was against Mr. Modi and who complained against Warne. What else this BCCI errand boy has done I have no clue.

Well, Mumbai Indians, RCB, KKR, and of course Srinivasan’s CSK have reached the last 4. Ask any common man who may not have any great cricket knowledge. These are the 4 teams with the highest money power and sex appeal. They can create gate collections, make money for television, …so as a part of a great plan these 4 are the teams that I would have wanted in the last 4 – and now we have it.

I think BCCI is harming world cricket, it has created a pension plan for test discards like Ajit Agarkar, Robin Uthappa, etc., fixes matches like Dixit did for CSK,  and in IPL spawned a mediocre level of sexy cricket. This is nice, fixed entertainment where disturbances are not allowed. So Warne is fined $ 50,000 (they should have banned him from the last match, right?)…

OMG I hope the youngsters watching IPL do not start believing this game is called cricket! This is a BCCI drug – supplied by bollywood, mainstream business and entertainers like Mallaya…Vittal Mallaya’s son and then grandson!

read what Ian Chappell has to say


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  1. Good observation about teams in Top 4 of current IPL-4. But we also need to ask question before raising it as manipulated or coincidence. Except CSK, other three teams had not won the cup in last 3 IPLs. I think IPL should be seen as a model drawn from Premier League of UK, FA cup of Europe or Bundesliga from Germany.We all know how much Spaniards spend on Barcelona and Real Madrid even while they are under huge recession.

  2. HI krish,

    The model is what u have stated.. But whats goin on behind the scenes is the real picture.. PPL are getting carried away by the Glamour, SRK, Shilpa Shetty (NON ACTOR and JOBLESS) and Preity Zinta (JOBLESS)..

    Subra – TOTALLY AGREE with you.. Great Post.. This post should go to the newspapers (the ones which the BCCI do not control only will accept this)…


  3. Subra Sir,

    Very rightly said. I stopped falling cricket years ago and moved over to Soccer, the universal game.


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