I deal with a couple of banks, a brokerage account, couple of mutual funds, the mandatory 5-6 email accounts…and some other places which require passwords.

It is a nightmare about which password to use…- feel secure in the fact that the password cannot be broken, and more importantly can be stored in the cell phone without it being broken. I have certain formulae – the non monetary implication sites password is all the same. The monetary sites – bank account, mf account, brokerage account….are all more complicated passwords. Here the risk is the risk of forgetting. ….what to do…

well I am not sharing what I do…but here is a very useful and sensible article. I do something like this in multiple languages – Gujarati, Tamil and Hindi – rather than in English. I guess it will take about 1899 years for a hacker to break it. I hope not to live beyond that in the current body 🙂


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  1. – 2,3,4,5 is not remotely practical for hacker as bank logins will lock after 5 attempts. if there are repeated attempts from same IP, it may not even allow further requests. so that is not the real risk. ( 1 is naivety of user)
    – real risk is virus which can come just by accessing a webpage, USB, network etc. then it captures all keyboard actions and gets info as you type. To prevent need a good antivirus. For home use “Avast” is free and good. And use Mozilla firefox which is much safer rather than Internet explorer browser.

  2. Keyloggers will simplify things for an unsecure system.

    so you should:

    1. use a security-wise updated computer system.
    2. do not use from publicly available systems / internet cafes.
    3. try and use Visual / Virtual Keyboards.
    4. Of course, your password needs to be what you have mentioned above.
    5. Maybe use lastpass.com or similar sites.


  3. I’m using Roboform (free add on for IE & Firefox) as a password manager and found that it is safer for generating and managing passwords. Also its free for light use (upto 10 passwords). Hope its useful to all readers of Subramoney…..

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