Sorry this is not an article on ‘How to select a good broker?’ …

One of the kids in training told me she can write well…and since I am not naming her I will also refrain from revealing her age, qualifications, etc. – anyway it makes no sense to you does it?By the time this appears on my blog she would have stopped reading this blog…so the secret remains with me 🙂

So among the topics that I had given her…she choose this topic ‘How to select a good broker’..

The language was too good (according to her I presume) – bombastic I should say! Arduous, exasperating, plethora, multitude, amazing array, trading in indexes (she meant indices, I am sure), principle (she meant principal I think, from the context), ..and this para took the cake:

What to look for when you choose a broker?

Dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPS). These allow you to automatically reinvest dividend into stock, avoiding brokerage fees while building up your shares.

Low commissions Broker commissions vary wildly. Some brokers charge a very high commission, whereas some charge less. Low/high commissions alone don’t tell the whole story—companies with low commissions may charge hidden fees, while those with high commissions offer other perks that make up for the high trade price—but they should be one of the first things you consider in selecting an online broker.

1. What is wrong with these paras? Well in India there is no broker/banker combination who can track your dividend and buy shares against that

2. In India brokers charge ‘brokerage’ not commissions.

3. Our contracts are very detailed…so there are no ‘hidden’ charges, but yes one has to look out for some other things!

OK…where did she get words like ‘stock’ , ‘drip’ etc….?

well heard of cut, copy n paste? – well that is what happened! If i had asked another kid to run it by Google it would have been possible to know from where …

i took the easier way out..told her ‘Darling will not use your articles, and please do not write any more’ – she is still not sure why.

I give feedback ONLY to people I want to see improved, not to everybody!!

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  1. Subra Sir,

    Even though this is a very casual article, this is parady to the best. First line started with the twist, that the content is not too much related to the title ….lol….Never seen this before …lol… you’ve just fooled me …lol…..and to take a dig at a very proud girl in your own style, this is ultimate time pass read. I can see why this kind of attitude annoys people. I saw the para she wrote, wow , even I can write an essay on the mistakes made in that just one para. The para she wrote is not only lacking in english grammer, but also finanacial sense as well. And for you to end the article that even this is not her original piece wow…what can I say ? To copy also one needs a skill isn’t it ? Atleast to copy a correct article ? Mind you when I read only your first para mentioning a girl’s writing, I thought Iam going to read a quality article in finance from a quality girl. A kind of bias as you say, I expected good write ups especially from girls 🙂 But your later lines took me for a sixer …………..

  2. i hope i do not come across a guy with any bias. Once I used to be biased towards educated people. The more I read about the thieves in the world the more i realised it was the educated man who ripped the commoners….makes me sad, but it is true is it not? The sadness is just too many people do a cut n paste without knowing the meaning. Imagine we have in the past paid money for stolen articles…and then realised it was stolen 🙂

  3. The usage of “indexes” alone should have given it away.americans use indexes while the rest of the world uses indices. poor cut and paste job.

  4. I use drip (san the ‘s’) irrigation in my garden for watering my plants, that’s the only thing i could relate to :).

    Slightly off the track but a question i had in my mind from some time. Is there any kind of online brokerage system in India, where i can place a limit order for purchasing a share but that order will be valid for more than a single day (system that we currently have) ?

    It’s need based question where the need goes something like this. Supposing am interested in buying a share only below a particular price. But little tired of putting the same buy order day after day.

    So, i want to put the limit buy order only once say today (something like say Asian Paints at 2200) and want it executed even if the price hits that level say 5 days from now (if i stretch the story a li’l further even 1 year from now). And all this without me having to enter the buy order everyday when i see the price griding down on a day to day basis.


  5. I seriously think there is a huge demand vs. supply issue of good or semi good people. She has got hired through a competitive process at a salary that is enough to feed 3 families for a year…

  6. Subra,

    I am sure the girl was good at her job – whatever she was hired for.
    Only thing she was not good at is – her writing/english skills. Poor girl ended up on your blog! 🙂

  7. Whoever said you have to be good to be hired? You have to be there…that is all. When an organisation tells me they are looking for 3500 managers do you honestly believe that these new guys have to be good? No. They have to be there. That is all.

    She being on my blog is fine. She does not read this blog – or any blog for that matter. And this is 3 years old…she must have forgotten this, and forgotten me again does not matter 🙂

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