When you speak to a CXO level of person there are somethings you do not want to hear:

– You know our systems, na….this is how it works!

– Oh! this is just a small error – it is not symptomatic.

– I know it is wrong…but everybody in our industry is doing it.

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I have heard these 3 statements tooooooo many times.

Only when I read Taleb’s article – it is just too brilliant – every body must read…thanks to a friend who understands that he is an expert on general insurance because he knows that he does NOT understand many things ….thanks Suresh.

here is the article


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  1. Read the link. Superb article. How you are able to spot such gems in the world of web?

    I’m planning to provide the same link to the readers of my blog too.

  2. Subra,

    To read and understand the article and to enjoy the same, you need a different level of mindset than we are at now. But a very different perspective and almost close to a philosophy only difference is very simple to understand.

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