Thanks to a book on retirement and many sundry articles on retirement planning….and people realizing (perhaps) my limited ability to talk on other topics….we do end up talking a lot about retirement.

This is how they react…I have a little conveniently summarised them as follows:

people in the 20s           – ‘what are you talking about?’ retirement happens to grandfathers!

people in the 30s           – ‘hmmm….it is time I did something. Thanks for reminding me…

people in the 40s          – Oh I already have a 80CCC plan….never mind they may be contributing Rs. 10,000 p.a.

people in the 50s         – By now most of them are scared. They tell me “it is not money, what is scaring me is loneliness,

boredom, no clue on what to do when I retire. However when they calculate, somewhere there                                          is fear about money too.

people in the 60s         – Money is not a problem. However subra, one more problem has been added – “I am afraid of

being dependent on my children or spouse. I have always been doing my own things …”

people in the 70s        – just generally worried about dependence, not worried about death, but yes depending on       somebody else is scary….

people in the 80s      – subra health is fine, money is fine…jut got ‘bored’ being on planet earth…

people in the 90s – have not met anybody in this age group…

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  1. Hi Subra,

    You have captured the essence in few lines. This is true and time for 20s to wake up. Not too late for 30s and 40s.



  2. Beautiful. But yes loneliness and what am i going to do actually keep a lot of people working rather than need for money.

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