I have been accused of being cynical, skeptical, ….and a lot of negative things. However in 2011 I will feel safe. After all people like Dr. Binayak Sen (terrorist, accused of sedition) are in jail and sentenced for a long term. Will he get life or a death penalty?

Well not sure. After all in a country where Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel of yester years…and Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Arun Jaitely, of the current crop are all lawyers…you should expect justice. Well not sure.

When P Chidambaram was once asked why there is no service tax on lawyer’s bills..he said ‘who said lawyers render a service?’ So true. However the prosecution, the lawyers, the Jury…have all identified Binayak as a terrorist. Excellent show. Hang him…that is easy…why fight with your conscience?

And if I had any respect for Dr. MMS…well that was long ago. He presides over a money making machine – which is like a vaccum cleaner – with Sonia at the other end collecting the cash.

If MMS can keep 1984 Sikh massacre ‘politicians’ in his cabinet, defend Raja in the parliament (or is it parLIEment?), …and at 80 you have nothing to prove..what the @#$%^ are you doing MMS? Go home and sleep. It has nothing to do with age..but MMS’s past is just not good enough to gloat…if he continues the @#$% that is happening around him…well read on…


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  1. Entropy of universe always increases. Things can only degenerate with time. If not MMS, someother ‘mukoda’ will preside over the affairs. Taking us down.

  2. Subra,

    MMS is known for turning a crisis into an opportunity.

    The old man has indeed been acting like a vaccum cleaner,but at 80 he still has a chance to cleanse the system (of course partly) for I agree he has nothing more to prove now.

  3. Is he there by choice or is somebody threatening him to be there? How can u sit there when intellectually there is NOBODY in the cabinet to whom he can relate. I remember one incident long, long ago when MMS put both his hands up in a namaste fashion above his head when somebody asked him to speak to a corrupt colleague in Rao’s cabinet. Now his cabinet is full of people to whom MMS cannot intellectually connect or wish to meet socially 🙂 sad…

  4. The way interrupted the congress session by offering to appear before the PAC, does suggest that MMS is not there by choice.

    Fear of TINA (There is no alternative) does not seem to haunt congress only, it haunts many of us.

    He is a pigeon among cats, a sitting duck – but like somebody put it “Manmohan badnam hua Madam teray liya”

  5. No point in blaming MMS. If it would have not been MMS then it would have been someone else.
    Though, it does seem like MMS doesn’t have much autohrity. It is a coalition after all.

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