What is such a note doing in a financial blog?

Well a good question to ask! The truth is the answer is available in Ramayan…

When Ravana calls for a meeting …let us call it a war meeting he starts by saying..”I will not give back Sita’ – now tell me what next to do!

When Ram wants to know what to do with Vibheeshana into his fold..he asks the people ‘What should I do…please tell me’. No views expressed….

Similarly if a manager is holding a meeting..he should not cloud his subordinates’ thinking…for example the CIO should not tell his analyst / fund manager…”What do you think of Coromandel International…I wish to add some more shares to my portfolio” – this is a funny situation where the analyst is forced to think from a ‘buy’ point of view…

Similarly do not call your broker and say “I have Rs. 500,000 and I wish to buy something….”  – he will reel of tons of names for you to buy!

When you wish to get a good answer …and are asking a smart question remember to let the other person do the thinking ……

Normally the attacker knows the weakest link of the person that he wishes to attack…so be careful ….

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