Well this note is about Michael Lewis (of Liars Poker fame)…he can write very well for sure

Here he is writing about Greek bonds in Vanity Fair…and the article is hilarious. If you think Indian government is inefficient, you will see the Greek government is almost a joke. To call the Greek economy a third world economy would be an insult to the 3rd, 4th and 5th worlds. What they are doing and what they have done in the past is amusing – but for the matter that it is serious…so read on


ps: do not tell your spouse that you read this article here. I will not be responsible for heart attacks caused by laughter

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  1. Pity the honest, hardworking tax payers of those countries (Germany for one) that’ll eventually foot the bill of Greece’s excesses. Looking fwd to see how this plays out & impacts us in India (i will not complain if there is market meltdown a la ’08. Can hardly wait to pick some bluechips at throwaway prices)

    what worries me though is this : http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2011/01/14/india-journal-the-biggest-public-union-in-the-world/

    With rights to education, food, employment & what not enacted in India, what are the chances there won’t be riots on our streets in India in few years time like Greece. There is no free lunch alright.

  2. What was so funny about it – regarding your postscript about dying of laughter.

    It was on the other hand scary. Greece is holding up a mirror to us in India on what can become of us in a few years / decades if we keep hurtling down this path.

  3. feedback received by email:

    to dust thou art and dust thou returnest….

    the Greeks (as the proud forerunners of European civilisation) are the perfect indicators of europeans.
    in any crisis their basic savagery comes out. Once upon a time when they exhausted their resources they could go plunder the world. Now there is nothing left to plunder.

    From Alexander the barabarian to george bush the second thats all they have done.

    We thought Bihar symbolised the depth of human apathy. We were wrong. They found a Nitish to pull itself by the bootstraps.

    We doubt if the Greek can find their Nitish (or for that matter the Irish, the Portugese or the Spaniards).

    A curious feature of Europe imploding is that all the nations which are in a crisis are former empire builders (except the irish – but the Irish were mercenaries , then and now)

    The only lesson is keep 30% of your savings in gold bars, what ever the value it will help you to restart after the apocalypse… after the pralaya, from matsya all over again…

  4. “From Alexander the barabarian to george bush the second thats all they have done.” – To me this comment smacks of racism.

    To compare Greece to Bihar is hyper-nationalistic and plain irrational.

    I have not read or heard of Greeks defecating in the open. In India more than half our population (even in cities) can’t afford toilets !

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