Principles are fixed, and can be written on stone. Here are some of them (nothing original, I can assure you). Some you will find in books by Branson, Rhonda Byrne, Buffett, ….Trump.

However you may not find all of these in one place ..So here it is:

1. To be prosperous you have to believe and behave like you are prosperous.

2. Wealth is a subset – being prosperous is far greater than being wealthy.

3. Being Rich is much smaller than being wealthy

4. Being Rich, Wealthy or Prosperous is a mindset, not an amount of money in the bank..or elsewhere.

5. Givers Gain – prosperity and happiness are both got while pursuing something else. When you are enriching others, or creating happiness for others wealth and happiness come to you. Surely when you give, the natural laws ensure that you get. Seen it too often – so saying it from conviction, nor just somebody else says it. Givers Gain is the motto of ‘Business Network International’. Surely Mr. Ivan Meisner and Mr. Niiraj Shah will be happy to see this mention!!

6. Keep your mind clean, clear of clutter, develop powerful vision and do not be afraid to ask – and you will get.

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  1. I cant figure out the real gist of “givers gain” either.
    Is my professional occupation not a “giving” of my labor and expertise?. Should this giving be free and necessarily for no benefits?.
    I guess free adults realize this intuitively.Only if there is an entitlement mentality do people want a free lunch

  2. I think Indian Express fellow should learn from subra to write meaningful articles…..
    High level of vocabulary cannot hide bad content….good content always comes from simple and crisp writing as our subra does…..
    meaningful article….mindblowing as always………

  3. Dear Subra,

    The words like “prosperous”, “wealthy” and “rich” are confusing, unless one knows the higher meanings associated with them. For our benifit, will you pl. explain them with some examples?

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