Somewhere in the web world is  fantastic CV of a man the world loves – that of Dr Manohan Singh! There seems to be no question about his integrity, his intelligence, simplicity, etc.

However, this does not mean he need not stand up to people who are benefiting from his silence! The scams did not taint him – remember 1992 he was around?

Now it is the turn of Raja … on Indian express has done a great story…well written.

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  1. I’d expressed similar thoughts on a post in my blog “Multiple Shades of Grey”

    You can see the link

    Silence is no excuse to tolerate either corruption or incompetence.

    Mr. N

  2. Nothing new in the article…
    I read it thrice to understand it with the help of online free dictionary…
    But nothing new except high level of vocabulary…

  3. i don’t understand as to why do they write so difficult to understand article. when they want to put it in front of common people they should be easy to understand. I think I will have to read this article by having dictionary in my hand…

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