1. Subra,
    You have the perfect words to describe these things.
    In my openion, there should be a show ‘Do I Need it?’ instead of ‘Can I afford it?’.
    I have watched this program a few times when I could not go to sleep in time. Many a times things discussed are chieldish. You don’t need an expert to answer such simple questions.
    Every body around me is buying a car. Why? Becaus they can afford it. Then they travel to office in it when there is very convenient bus service. Why? Because a car must be used.

    Every body around wants to buy a house. Don’t they have it already? Most of them have. But then why another one? Because they think they can afford a bigger house.

    These days, why don’t you go to the same small hotel in the square near your house? Does it not produce the fresh testy food it used to? No! Because I can afford to buy Pizza From Pizza Hut and Burger from Mc-D.

    If you live in Pune, Why don’t you go to Sawai Gandharwa Sangeet Mahotsav? It just costs Rs 350/- for all 4 days of it. And you can be sure that only the best in the world would perform there. No! I can’t afford it! Why? Because I have spent all my budget in watching movies in multiplexes who charge somewhere around Rs 250 per show and sell you popcorn for Rs 25/- which is availble for less than Rs 5/- outside.

    And the list goes on….

  2. but there is no right answer : re sawai gandharv at 350 or 350 at multiplex. individual choices are by definition subjective. one cant be superior to the other ,in vacuo.
    maybe some people do think that slaving their life for paying off an EMI is acceptable as long as they have a wonderful house/car etc.
    really,there is no unique answer.as adults,all we ask people is to take responsibility for their choices

  3. After seeing the show couple of times I stopped watching it.

    I would prefer to watch Monika Halan show on NDTV Profit.



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  5. Monika Halan…you cannot be serious! All the personal financial planning programs on television or the print media can be classified as humor!

  6. ‘Need’ is individuals viewpoint. Subraji you must be having a few suits to wear, do u ‘need’ them? I may think no, but you will buy. Who would ‘need’ a Bugati veyron? So no one should buy it? Need may not be justified that easily.

    BTW that Suzie irritates me with her style and smile. She overdoes it.

  7. my fellow blog readers,
    watch animal planet or astha tv….it will refresh ur mind….suzi kya aasmaan se aayi hai?…she too has her commercial compulsions as our udayan or tulsian has…and yes, subra will surely reply Neil Williams comment….we love foreigners….LOL

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