If you do not understand the basics of a subject..statistics do not help you. So if you do not understand investing..it becomes easy for the salesman to tell you a story..with numbers..

If you understand cricket  you will appreciate the examples:

Inzamam Ul haq.. has a better batting average than Sachin Tendulkar in New Zealand.

Interpretation: Inzy is a better batsman than Sachin..correct?

Answer: NO. Whenever Pakistan goes to NZ they go with a fantastic bowling attack..so NZ is afraid to make a fast green track..it is a little brown. So it becomes easy for Inzy to bat….India goes with a medium pace attack so Sachin plays on a green top…

so to interpret stats,…it is necessary to understand the subject..just the nos. is not enough..

similarly in bowling!

Harbhajan Singh was made to look like a great bowler by the fact that Kumble was bowling from the other end…now that it is P Ojha…poor Harbhajan singh cannot get wickets..

So Kumble’s retirement has cost Bhajji his sting…LOL..

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