Mr. Jeremy Grantham predictor of many events in the past is predicting a crash in 2011.

I am not sure whether Jeremy is right or wrong, whether there will be a crash in 2011. There could be a crash in 2012…

The argument that he has put forward in his interview with cnbc’s Maria Bartimoro is quite nice. Even if you do not believe that the markets will crash, it is worth reading the interview – here is the link

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  1. so he wants an NREGA style hiring by the govt of “light skilled” workers .duh.thats crowding out at that end of the labor market.

    there is no solution except,let the failed ones go bankrupt and start over again. the unemployment benefits etc keep postponing the search for jobs by unemployed people. if we used 1930s calculation method for unemployment, the US is well over 22% unemployed.the 9.6 is a nice fudge

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