If you tell students in life you get what you deserve, or what you choose, they look at you like you are from Mars!

Imagine a kid coming to me and saying ‘I want to be an equity analyst’ what should I do? Well the answer is simple – start collecting balance sheets and start reading them!

Here the problem starts. The questions are stunning:

– do i need to read the whole thing?

– will i understand it?

– what ratios should I analyze?

Just reading the balance sheet, knowing what it contains, the relevance of the Notes of accounts, GAAP, why is there an American version and why that depreciation looks different,…well an analysts needs to know all this.

Cut to their personal lives. They have ‘relationships’ which are about convenience – a trophy to hang around with. If one of them have a vehicle, even better, great to ‘do’ a Barista, change status in facebook but nothing much beyond that.

If the parent says ‘We have got you a better boy (girl)..’ it is all kaput!

Enough effort is not going into creating a knowledge base or a relationship. It is just that some of them do not take anything seriously.

However in the same gen X there are some very committed kids..committed to building their knowledge base, relationships, career, …

Like all generations, gen next also has its shares of people choosing success and people choosing failure. However to the trained eye when you see a person choosing failure, you feel helpless when they like to make their effort look genuine.

Choosing success is difficult, the question to ask is ‘Do you dare to dream’ like Kiran Bedi’s book said!

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