One of the important qualities of a good salesman is the ability to spot sales opportunities. Here is a nice story…

In a tourist spot was a big general shop which was not doing too well. People would come and browse through, but the footfalls were not translating to sales. The owner had tried a lot of things…but nothing worked. However suddenly one new salesman was doing very well, like they say ‘din dugna, raath chaugna’ sales were going up when he was around.

So the owner decided to watch him…..on the sly of course. So one day when the owner was watching our famous salesman was making a sale…he was talking to a client…

Sales man: Sir the fishing rod is Rs. 150,000 if it is imported, and it is really sturdy…

Client: Yes, give it to me…

S: Sir you will need a chair to sit on..after all you are not going to sit on the ground are you?

C: Sure add it.

S: Sir you will need an umbrella …that will be Rs. 7500

C: sure..

S: Sir fishing involves sitting around for a long time why do you not take a book to read and chips to eat..and a bottle of water too

S: Sir here is the rod, the string, the bait, chair, umbrella, hat, flares, ..that will be Rs. 2,56,000.

C: Ok I will pay by card….

and the client left.

The average sale in this shop would normally be about Rs. 1800 to 4000 and here was a 256k sale!!

Overjoyed the owner came out and said:

“Man, you did a great job…to a man who came to just buy fishing string you sold the whole fishing kit, that is fantastic.

The salesman said “What fishing string?”. He is on a honey moon and he came to buy sanitary napkins….I said

“What will you do for the next 4 days…go fishing 🙂 🙂

the owner just fainted…

So an alert salesman has to not just spot opportunities, but sometimes has to create them …like this guy!

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    Of all your blog articles, this one takes the cake….

    I think nothing else could have better described salesmanship.

    Well done.

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