It is high time that the media stopped calling it the ‘Delhi Riots’ or the Bhopal Gas tragedy…

Bhopal is a clear case of criminal neglect by the government..and in Delhi it is again the same. Shameful that MMS accepts the PM’s post after what happened.

Of course for his role Rajiv has been punished..and God up above will do the needful..but you must see Widow’s Colony (see on Google or You Tube) – and also read this

and stop calling it the Delhi riots (it was not a riot, it was a massacre) at least let us get the nomenclature right. Only then can action be taken…

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  1. A blog on financials is turning into one on politics.

    What happened in 1984 is unforgivable.

    But then that was the peak of the sikh seccession movement. The involvement of Pakistan and maybe China in the assasination cannot be discounted. After all Indira Gandhi broke Pakistan and created Bangladesh.

    The killing of the PM our leader would have definitley upped the seccission movement in the Punjab. The susequent riots scared the Sikh psyche so much that in Delhi the movement lost vigour. That the cost fighting the Indian state is horrendous. Independent Punjab will come at a massive cost.

    The sessesion movement lost steam in Delhi and across Sikh communities in North India outside Punjab.

    The riots ensured that the upper hand that the Sikh sessesion movement got on Indira Gandhi’s assasination was lost.

    Had the Punjab struggle not be broken in this manner, Kashmir, the north East and maybe Tamil Nadu(LTTE) would have been worse.

    We have to condemn the riots but the perperators also ensured that our country did not suffer from the killing of the Indira Gandhi.

  2. actually,IMHO, rajiv g was punished for his meddling in foreign affairs (sri lanka).thank god such imperialist ‘noble intentions’ will never cross our minds for some years now onwards.
    CIA calls it the ‘blowback’.what the US and the 9/11 incident showed.we learnt our lesson very quickly.

  3. @ Shetty @Pravin – That is one interesting way of looking at things. Yes, riots may have been means to an end. I am not too sure it can rationalized or justified from humanitarian point of view.

    @Subra – I am amazed that the do gooders like Arundati Roy, Shabana Azimi, Stelvad and what have you have not taken up “Bhopal” as their cause. Thats probably the main stream media has no time for it and they loose their face time? And of course the Indian State and Judiciary had sold out to the US interests. What is it that they say – “Ghar ka bhedi Lanka Dhaye”.

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