Recently an article of mine was published in As expected it was about starting early and investing small amounts regularly. What is amazing is the kind of responses that I get when I say something like this – in a class or in writing. Most people who can invest will not. They will keep asking the following questions:

1. Is there a guarantee that I will get 12% return?

2. No economy in the world can grow at 12% for 30 years

3. Do your own business – it is much better

4. Which fund should I invest. NO FUND HAS GIVEN RETURNS better than this for the past 20 years.

Amazing how people will concentrate on WHAT THEY CANNOT DO …and thus REFUSE to do what they CAN do..

Do you think I get disheartened when I hear all this? NO. NO. Nyet, Na,…..

to me there is a lesson that I learnt early on….Those who can do, those who cannot criticise’.

People who cannot save for whatever reasons (do not save =cannot save for me) need to find some justification for their spending (and therefore not saving). If they cannot save or invest, then they rubbish all the claims about growth rate, compounding, etc.

To me such people are challenges – getting them to my seminar is completely useless, they actually need 2-3 days of ‘goal setting’ and for them to believe in these goals. If there are no goals these people will never save or invest…

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  1. Hi Subra,

    Everything begins with a desire, then discipline & dedication. I remember having read in “The Snowball”, Bill Gates father poses the question to his son & Mr. Buffett “What factor did people feel was the most important in getting to where they’d reached in life?” and both replied “Focus”.

  2. i do not do retail lectures – i mean open programs. So it is a bank, broking company, life insurance or wealth company for whom I do a program. Rarely have I done any such program for their clients normally it is for their own staff….so if you are part of any organisation it will help.

    Open programs need 12-15 people for break even – there is an Events Management company in Delhi which did one long back…but now not happening.

  3. Amazing Article Subra. And to think I just came back from a self development workshop and read this article! Sure is a message for me.

    On a wider perspective – this critical attitude is imbibed very deeply in Indian mind. I agree with you – those who can do and those who cant criticize.

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