The fact is education in this country is in a mess and the politicians are largely responsible for this mess. A dominant group of powerful politicians from all states dominate it and how!

When a few famous Indian professors got together to set up a school for International Business the Government of Maharashtra wanted them to keep some seats for reservation

When the late Aditya Birla wanted to open a branch of BITS (the one at Pilani) wanted to open a chapter at Chennai….with the same result!

But every other Tom, Dick, Harry, is allowed to set up a college, advertise, mis-sell, buy students by paying commission to the intermediary, and generally have fun in the name of being an ‘education’ provider. It is time Kapil Sibal set up an Education Regulator and do away with the AICTE which is just an impediment to good education. ‘Recognition’ is another racket – hire a place, buy some books and get some people to come there and stand as professors. These ‘professors’ are also then available for other colleges to stand there when there is an inspection. Amazing how the license permit raj continues in fields such as education. A Tata Training Academy cannot set up a college nor can Infosys! However a politician in Karnataka or Maharashtra can set up a college as soon as he wants – and will get all the approvals. I was stunned to hear the prices of a ‘MBA’ degree. A ‘B’ or ‘C’ grade college can coolly collect Rs. 15 lakhs for an MBA seat. This is not funny, is it?

Mis-selling in financial services, you said? I think it is worse in medicine, education, real estate, sports,…..

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  1. actually,expecting Sibal to help is a bit too much.he wants to perpetuate the same old stuff.he wants schools to all provide playgrounds and big classrooms -as if these things are the vital difference to quality education -those who cant provide these -the smaller ,more accountable schools will be shut down.
    everyone should read Dharampal’s book on education which James tooley refers in his “The beautiful tree”. our sarkar is no different from the british raj which destroyed the education system in india. mr sibal obviously hates the concept of profit..oooh to profit from education -that would be disastrous for us all .

  2. there are so many private engineering and medical colleges that those who do not get admission in BSc. in a good college become engineers. LOL.

    really a sad state. the next scam in the country is the AICTE scam. Sibal watch out. after Kalmadi it is your turn.

  3. The next few scams in India are:

    1. Adag group misusing Reliance Power funds for other companies.

    2. How the Satyam deal was actually done for Mahindra – and why the accounts are being delayed for such a long time.

    3. Life insurance companies portfolios actually contain JUNK equities.

    4. AICTE /MBA / Engineering / Medical seats admissions

    5. Fitness of cricketers – suits the advertisers?

    welcome comments!!

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