For all those people who love eating out, and eating proceesed foods, there is a website to visit!

Funny how we think of healthy living – and believe doctors (and the process food industry) who tell us that wheat bread, wheat pasta, …are all good for us. Why they even tell us that coconut oil is bad. Hmm….there is a huge connection between doctors and the process food industry. Like between Financial Planners who get paid trips to Goa, Egypt, Hongkong, South Africa, or Switzerland (depending on which product they recommend and what portions of it!!).

See this website.. 

ps: it could just be a sham of a website trying to collect hits, I have no clue. Also if you own shares of McD do not sell it or even worse go short on the shares. It is a good well managed company and people are accustomed to go there for a fill. It will make money so what if it spreads some disease? I hate cancer but like my dividends from ITC…

it also has an ad for a weight reduction plan. It is interesting…it helps if you are on FB, makes it a little easier. Personally my fb connection is Subramanyam Shyam.

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