not sure whether to call this a post… but if you are trying all kinds of fat reducing techniques right from diet fads, crash diets, water diets…or

cycling, swimming, running, jumping, mountaineering,….well you can run the Mumbai (Standard Chartered Bank, Procam) marathon.

do not know how to register? well here is the link. Could not convince my MIND that I could do the 42 km…so again for the nth time you will see me doing the 21 km hope fully under  2hrs 44 minutes.

 Link for Stanchart Mumbai Marathon. 

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  1. Registrations open?? I did the 20km one 2 yrs ago, took 3 hrs. Thinking of doing it again. Its such a mental sport and it gets you fiter!

  2. 42k at mumbai would not be a good idea. apart from the strenous training(which is controllable), the route conditions are horrible for the slower runners. last year,there was no water on the much hyped sealink leading to disaster for ordinary runners.a much better experience can be had at auroville(puducherry) in feb or bangalore ultra(nov 14).
    i registered for scmm half marathon -they cant screw up this one if you can do it under 3hrs.

  3. btw, if anyone is interested, there is a half marathon organized by the mumbai running community (called run mumbai run -RMR) at Borivali national park on Aug 22 .starts at 6:15 am.its free to register.logistics are handled by volunteers who are themselves serious is better organized than SCMM,IMO

  4. pravin if you are an enthusiast it is worth enumerating all the marathons and half marathons in and around Mumbai and Pune. Just running for all of them will be good enough. Aug 22 is too short a notice, but I am looking for a Mumbai (around mumbai, navi mumbai, upto pune) kind of a calendar to prepare better for say 2011.

  5. from where i hail, there is a thane varsha marathon and another, thane mayor marathon, but i wudnt recommend both

  6. subra,
    there are no real official marathons in pune,mumbai area except the well known ones.however the running communities in mumbai are pretty active. there is one in navi mumbai as well which meets at sanpada. check out and look for the mumbai communities (Mumbai marathon runners -running in aarey colony,Twilight zone -bandra area and Run mumbai run (RMR)which runs in Borivali,New mumbai among other places. runners of all shapes,sizes and ages (11-72) can be found in these groups.all levels from absolute beginners to veteran ultra runners are part . i’d suggest you check out the new mumbai grp -you may have already seen them on weekend mornings

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