The job of an army man was considered cosy because we did not fight a war since 1971. However we sent peace keeping forces all over the world, and a few jawans would have lost their lives there. Also some army men would have been killed in Kashmir, North East, and some smaller operations in varius parts of the country.

However the job of a CRPF jawan was not considerd risky. So it was a nice pensionable job with the central government and not very difficult job.

However Kashmir, and now the Maoists have changed all that.

The CRPF jawan is not well trained (unlike his army counterpart), not as well protected by intelligence, – and left to the maoists. Even in Kashmir all the politicians are blaming the CRPF (except Omar Abdullah who said the security forces are only doing their job, there is nothing personal). Why we cannot use very powerful cameras to capture the stone throwers and then ask people to socially ostracize them beats me. Stone throwing is not done by some children – these guys seem to have been trained.  How long do we expect the CRPF jawan to go an give up his life to the Maoists and the Kashmiri terrorists?

Salutations to the jawans who do their duty, cannot even talk to the over zealous press (happy to condemn anything that the government does, and support the ‘rebels’), and get killed. Kudos. If I had a choice, like Ayn Rand, my advice would be to just shrug.

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  1. Nice blog.Read somewhere that the Police caught the stone throwing mob on camera and found out that many have been trained and are paid. The Police have now employed the same guys to combat the stone throwing mob and also a selected few of them are being sent on Bharath Darshan Tours so that their false sense of neglect is broken.

  2. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Solutions to the Maoist crisis

    1. Recognize the property rights of the tribal people..Currently the forest lands belong to the state and not the tribals..They existed in their forests thousands of years even before the idea of India existed..Remove all forest guards or officers who fleece the tribals to use their own land..

    2. Recognize that the Maoist are NOT ” misguided youth expressing their frustrations because of poverty and lack of development ” but rather that they are an ideological movement.. Driven by an ideology which they follow with a religious zeal.. An ideology that has murdered an estimated 100 million human beings in the last 100 years … They have to be combated primarily ideologically

    3. Government to get out of the economy.. Stop wasting money on corrupt schemes to ” help” poor people, which in reality get siphoned off to line the pockets of the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians

    4. Government concentrate on, and spend money only on, things which only a Government can do.. Internal and external security and dispute resolution.. Let not the Government run ration shops, buses, trains or manufacture soaps.. Please let the private sector take care of these things and let the Government please govern.. Concentrate only things which only a Government CAN do and leave the rest to the people themselves..

    5. Equip the CRPF with all modern equipment.. Train them very well in anti- terrorism warfare and jungle warfare..

    6.On the whole combat the Maoists ideologically.. Stop the stupid notion prevalent among our so called intelligentsia that Communism is somehow good and Capitalism is somehow bad ( History has emphatically proved the opposite..) With this notion it is IMPOSSIBLE to combat the Maoist ideologically for they are after all a branch of Communism..To ask leaders saturated with Communist or Socialist ideas to combat Maoism is to ask a mother to kill her own children..

  3. Nice one Subra….
    I donno when will we start valuing the lives of every citizen of India. when will we come out from the attitude it happens to them (who ever is the victim) not me…. Once we have that feeling (empathy) and respect for every citizen of this country (rich/poor/powerful/weak) then only we’ll see the difference.

  4. i agree with you. It’s very easy for the media or the politicians to put the blame on CRPF however they are the one ones who have endure the situation themselves. CRPF cannot fight the Maoist or terrorist with their one hand tied back.

  5. And the sad part is, no one is listening or paying attention, not even the prime minister or president or “her majesty”.

  6. i have sympathy to crpf jawan who are living without basic amenity and bad condition. central govt. provide jawan to the state govt. without any condition [bhagwan bharose]. so jawans became burden for the state govt. jai jawan your great tragedy

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