Goal setting is something which now everybody seems to be doing. However it is not possible to do any kind of Goal setting unless it is internal to you!

So why can I not set goals for myself like say a Mukesh Ambani (perhaps) does for himself.

Simple – internal to me, but I am afraid to put in the kind of efforts and make the kind of sacrifices that are necessary to achieve them. If I am not willing to put in the kind of efforts ASKING for such RESULTS is stupid, is it not?

One very important from a recent funeral was that when a person does not have a purpose in life – for what ever reasons – expecting him to behave rationally is wrong. A 47 year old bachelor (cousin twice removed) who died had not taken care of his health, perhaps had some personal loans, spent almost all his earnings, ….and his life was what any rational person would call a mess. However at an age when others were talking about their grown up (or small) children, perhaps this guy did not have anything to look forward to. His only ‘compulsory task’ was to look after his father – 77 , bedridden and needing money. However a ‘task’ cannot be a goal.

So if you internally do not have a goal, you cannot copy. You can only introspect. And that is tough.

If you do not have a goal, or you do not know with whom you are going to share your success – success is scary. You do not want success if there is nobody to share it with.

For all those who remember Lord Byron’s poem ‘All for love’ – it is the same thing for goals.

Only thing is the word love can be towards your parents, siblings, children…or like a Mother Theresa or a Jagadguru Shankaracharya towards the world. Or life becomes difficult. Death is easy.

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  1. Vow! Subra – you could be the next new age spiritual guru! Mind blowing article – sort of jolted me up!

    As an aside, have read the book “The Last Lecture”?

  2. no, I have not read ‘The Last Lecture’ – but I do not read newer authors. Robin Sharma I prefer the articles in Dna or on his site, have not read his book. Deepak Chopra – the original is the Upanishads- but he has done a fantastic job of making it current with his examples. Indian philosophy, Indian mythology continue to amaze me- the more I read, the more you are amazed. It is a treasure to the world.

  3. lovely article, subra! particularly loved the bit about success being scary. that’s a very interesting perspective.

  4. Ditto..
    btw, it’s impossible to comeup with goals unless you know what your values are. You know what I’m talking about…right?

  5. No financial planner has time to create a financial plan. A plan starts with a well articulated Goal statement. Too many quacks in the business. Like my homeopathy doc says, if you are not cured in Homeopathy, it is poor diagnosis. If you are not cured in allopathy it could be poor diagnosis, poor medicine or just the side effects of being cured 🙂

  6. Nice post! I think that’s why married people live longer than bachelors.

    By the way, Sam’s suggestion was good. Read the book ‘The Last Lecutre’. Better still, watch the video of ‘The Last Lecture’. It is available at http://www.thelastlecture.com. This was the last lecture given by Randy Paush who was dying of pancreatic cancer. It is not exactly related to your current post – may be it is. Watch it, then read the book. It is a moving experience.

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