When Jagadguru Shankaracharya was asked why are you calling yourself a Jagadguru? Are you a guru to the world? He said, no the correct interpretation of Jagadguru is

the Jagad is my guru! It is really true. When you start teaching / try to teach you realise that there is a lot of learning. One big international big ticket professor (who teaches in some of the best colleges) told me ‘True teaching happens only till class 3 or 4, after that teachers are busy OBSTRUCTING learning’. I hope I do not do that in my class (no i do not want feedback!!).

here is a nice post you must need. It is about being a teacher!


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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    “Jagad is my Guru” seems like an incredibly vague statement.. it almost sounds like a platitude… What does nuclear fission and fusion, neutron stars and black holes, for instance, teach one? I’m not quite getting it Subra.. perhaps you can enlighten me..

  2. Jagad is my Guru means – “I learn from everything that I see or every person whom I meet’. Instead of saying that the Jagad is learning from me (the general meaning of Jagadguru as people would think), he said ‘I learn from the Jagad’ that is all. I think it is an awesome statement.

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