Surely you have heard this one before – Money Makes the Mare Go. So used to say our teacher in school.

Let us see the Indian cricket team currently playing in Sri Lanka. The top players like Dhoni, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Zaheer get paid a couple of crores a year for playing cricket for India. However they get about 8-10 crores AT LEAST for playing in the T 20 tamasha called IPL.

If the total income of say a Dhoni or a Yuvraj is say Rs. 50-60 crores, playing cricket for India is fetching them only 3-4% of their total income.

However to earn the other 50+ crores they have to be in the team. If they are dropped for poor performance then the amount (endorsement) will go down. So they play in a few matches and then claim they are ill. For eg., Yuvraj may not have wanted to play in the team AND risk being dropped. Now he will not play any more matches in Sri Lanka. If 95% of your income is SAFE, chances are you will play with the same lackadaisikal approach.

Forget the first rank title which we hold now for a long time, this is perhaps the worst bowling attack India (not sure whether any test playing country had a worse bowling attack EVER)┬á could ever produce ­čÖé The bowlers will surely take 20 Sri┬áLankan wickets in the series – not in any one test!

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