People are willing to pay millions of rupees for their Children’s education. Now this has to be tapped by somebody. So every politician has set up a college – true in almost every state.

Now these colleges owned and run by goons need students. Easier to get students from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, …so get some goons to become ‘commission agents’. They get you students for a fee….well it is not that simple.

A candidate comes..and then disappears…How? He got killed…

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  1. The Education Minister of TN went on TV and said the inspection hs been completed and the infrastructure in the colleges is somewhat there.(he used the tamil word oralavirkku irukku !).we seem to have no absolute standards.What else to say?

  2. I was once part of a AICTE inspection team (I was a lecturer in a MBA institute). The library was borrowed from another college, the place was taken on rent, and one of the AICTE team recognised 2-3 faces and said ‘You were in that college inspection also!’. Everybody laughed…and the recognition came through. An MBA in that college today costs Rs. 15 lakhs. I agree with Subra – it is easy to get students from North India to come to Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore!

  3. Oralavirkku irukku is so vague! It could mean the shelves are there, books are to be bought!! Why parents pay such fees to get kids into such stupid colleges? Beats me.

  4. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    If people are willing to pay millions for substandard education, it only means that the supply of educational institutions is still very much less than the demand… Let supply match the demand first,, Quality will slowly but surely come ( It already has, in many instances)
    The supply is artificially kept low by
    1. Too much government regulations..
    For example, recently KPS Gill issued a statement that no school should be recognized unless it has a huge playground.. Now consider a Middle class guy who wants to start a school.. Where will he find the money to purchase a huge playground ? He is automatically out of the market. The education that he could have easily provided with a class room and a blackboard with little capital investment is made illegal at the onset.. Supply is cut off..

    The supply crisis of education in India is an artificial one..Like the real estate..
    Leave education to the free market..Let the Ambanis and Tatas and Mittals invest in education. It is guaranteed that with competition, innovation and the profit motive, education will eventually become very cheap and the same time of good quality like it happened too the telecom sector..

  5. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Thank God the approval process got through ( With some greasing of the palm, of course, the cost of which would have been passed on to the students)
    Now the institution has added maybe 50 – 100 students to the supply side.. There is still hope after all for India.. Atleast things move ahead with bribes.. Now imagine a scenario where no government regulator is corrupt.. Thousands of seats, which the students paying lakhs of rupees would have been perfectly happy to fill, would have been off the market..
    Thank God for the bribe system !!

  6. agree with dr Khan completely. it is the hatred for the word profit that is driving the outlaws into the business of ‘social service’.everyone should read James Tooley ‘s The beautiful tree about the private schools in indian slums which are far more cheaper and accountable to parents and students than govt municipal schools -which parents avoid.
    the govt and its RTE will botch whatever remains of this beautiful tree.then alone will macualay laugh in his grave

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